100 days of a leader

You can succeed as a leader only if you know yourself and the expectations placed upon you, and understand the impact of your actions.

~ Maarit Tiililä

You are involved in the latter stages of leadership recruitment or have already received the good news about your selection. The new job excites you. In your mind, you are already making the changes that are expected of you. In your excitement, you may not remember a number of the things you should be prepared for. Your entry into the organization is already a visible change, and the future leadership culture begins to be shaped from your very first day.

The most common 100-day stumbling blocks:

  • You rush headlong into changes without setting aside enough time to familiarize yourself with the organization and to form interactive relationships.
  • You rely on the operating and thinking models you have trusted in the past, without further consideration of their suitability for the new environment.  
  • You act inconsistently, listening to the partly conflicting expectations of the stakeholders, too impatient to form a comprehensive picture of the situation.

When you run into these stumbling blocks, it may even happen that your leadership style is perceived to be inappropriate for the culture of the organization.

By building yourself a 100-day plan™ and setting yourself goals, and by sharing these with your superior or board, you will ensure the space and time to familiarize yourself with the organization and, based on the understanding you have formed, to take just the right steps at the right pace for the organization. 

The first day as a new leader is more important than the next 100 days.

~ Aki Riihilahti, CEO, HJK Oy

At its best, our collaboration will already have begun before your first day of work (Day 1). As we work together, you will develop an understanding of the following issues:

  • what kind of organization have you joined?
  • what direction will you take as a team, and what kind of leadership culture do you want to shape?
  • how does your leadership best foster the desired change?

My clients have achieved, among other things

  • A clear understanding and a plan for the necessary changes, built over the 100 days.
  • The strength to stay true to their own leadership, without being diverted from their course by others.
  • Effective cooperation with the board, leadership team and organization.

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