100 days

You are the change – your leadership is realized through your actions.

~ Maarit Tiililä

Is your new job as a leader just beginning or is your organization facing major changes? Are you under great pressure to succeed?

You’ve come to the right place.

Hello, my name is Maarit Tiililä. I help leaders and leadership teams who are facing something new to work systematically and purposefully, in order to make the changes they want and succeed as leaders.

Unlike many other executive coaches, I specialize in the window of opportunity represented by the first 100 days *) of new leadership and other changes, because I know how a successful beginning builds a foundation for sustainable change.

I have helped hundreds of leaders to create their own 100-day plan™. I have also written a book, Tilanne Haltuun! (Take Control!), which is based on my own coaching and leadership experience along with numerous other leaders’ experiences with the theme of 100 days.

”I look at my job as if I were on a continuous 100-day journey
in order to shake up myself and my own thoughts!”

~ Kimmo Kedonpää, CEO, Pipelife Finland Oy

*) the ”100 days” represent a window of opportunity for the leader and the leadership team, which may be shorter or longer depending on the situation.  

100 days of
a leader

Under the pressure of high expectations and excitement about your new role, you may stumble into the most common pitfalls of a new leader. By clarifying your 100-day plan™, you will make the change expected of you and ensure your success.

100 days of
a leadership team

Major changes in the company’s operations can cause discord in your leadership team and organization. With a 100-day plan™, you ensure your leadership team’s ability to function, their teamplay amidst the changes, and the success of the entire organization.

You are unique. Your situation is unique. With me, you will find your own influential way of working.

Maarit Tiililä

Executive and transition coach

I coach leaders and leadership teams in organizations that are in transition and facing something new, in situations which require awareness-raising, broadening of horizons and creativity.

I am particularly interested in leaders’ own transitions. My book Tilanne haltuun! (Take Control!) grapples with the first 100 days of a leader in her new role. In turn, my book Innosta onnistumaan – yhdessä! (Inspire Success – Together!) focuses on how a leader creates a space to be inspired and thus gets the team involved.

My professional know-how and skills are based on more than ten years of experience in human resource management and working with executive teams. I have had unique opportunities to develop leadership cultures in both Finnish and American corporations, as well as in companies owned by the state and private equity investors.

I have worked at, for example, Instrumentarium, GE Healthcare, Altia and Moventas.

I have been an entrepreneur since 2008 and since 2012 I have been at Board Partners Helsinki, through which I joined the board of Mannerin Konepaja Oy Ab in spring 2019. I am also on the Advisory Board of Bravers Oy.

In addition to my Economics degree (M.Sc.) I have trained as a vocational teacher. I am a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF). I also worked as a coaching-skills trainer for several years at the BCI Business Coaching Institute, and in 2018 I was named Coach of the Year in Finland.

You can also find me on LinkedIn.

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3 reasons to choose me to coach you through your first 100 days:

Under the pressure of high expectations, you and your leadership team may stumble into the most common pitfalls of a new situation. By clarifying a 100-day plan™, you will make the change expected of you and ensure your success.

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Coach of the Year 2018 as elected by ICF Finland and the Finnish Coaching Association
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